Face of Miri Puppets

Welcome to Miri Puppets

Miriam Rodríguez is a toy artist and illustrator who lives in the city of Valencia (Spain).

She studied Fine Arts at the Faculty of San Carlos in Valencia (Spain). Since then she has worked jointly in illustration, design and animation, doing work for Planeta-Oxford, MITA Museu Internacional de Titelles d’Albaida, EA Estudio de Arquitectura and Twin Freaks Studio, among others.

Since her childhood she has been closely linked to sewing, her mother is a dressmaker. This quality, together with the love for stopmotion animation, has led her to investigate the techniques of making miniature clothes, as well as the elaboration of articulated dolls.

In the MITA (Albaida’s International Puppet Museum) you can find some of her puppets for sale.